How Investing in Property in Dubai Can Help in a 5 Year Retirement visa?

How Investing in Property in Dubai Can Help in a 5-Year Retirement Cisa?

Dubai is one of the most desirable destinations for expats. Hundreds of individuals migrate to the city every year in search of better career opportunities and lifestyles. Its friendly and safe environment and the year-round sunshine attract people from across the globe.

Dubai has unveiled a new retirement program called ‘Retire in Dubai,’ which allows individuals who are 55 years or older to reside in the emirate on a retirement visa. It is offered to anyone interested from all over the world, including Dubai residents who have lived there for a long time. The Dubai retirement visa is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the emirate, and it can be obtained by meeting a set of requirements.

Dubai 5-Year Retirement Visa

Dubai has become a popular location for young professionals in recent decades. Most expatriates, however, return to their homeland after they hit retirement age. With the release of the 5-year Dubai retirement visa, expats now have the option of making Dubai their permanent home. However, this plan is only available to those who fulfill certain criteria.

Dubai Tourism and the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) have collaborated on the Dubai retirement visa scheme. The plan was designed to help foreigners and expats to avail the unique perks of residing in the UAE post-retirement.

Residents who are 55 years or older can apply for a 5-year retirement visa in the UAE. Any applicant who is over the recommended age and meets the other prerequisites will be granted a visa by the government. The UAE retirement visa is valid for a maximum of 5 years. The visa must be renewed after this period if all of the visa conditions are met.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs is in charge of immigration and visa matters. According to the department’s guidelines, individuals who want to stay in Dubai post-retirement must meet one of the following requirements to receive a retirement visa:

  1. Purchase a property in Dubai that is worth at least AED 2 million.
  2. Have a minimum capital or savings of AED 1 million.
  3. Have a monthly income of at least AED 20,000.
  4. A combination of choices 1 & 2 is worth a minimum of AED 2 million.

Property investment in Dubai for the retirement visa

There are several eligibility requirements (as stated above) that you must meet to get a Dubai retirement visa. Given the benefits of investing in Dubai real estate, it is undoubtedly the most viable option for everyone. As per the property ownership condition for the visa, it necessitates an AED 2 million investment in property.

By evaluating the mortgage financing alternatives available in the country, the bank can finance up to 80% of the property’s value, which leaves you with a responsibility of only 20% of the price. So, you’ll need AED 400K, which is far less than the alternative of possessing AED 1 million in savings and far easier than proving a consistent monthly salary of over AED 20,000 post-retirement.

Consequently, if you have little or no time left in your retirement, you may simply purchase a property in your name through any of the credit alternatives available in the country and apply for the 5-year Dubai retirement visa. As a real estate investor, you can also sponsor your family members for a long-term visa.

Easy financing options

The best part about investing in real estate is the number of financing alternatives available. You have a variety of financing choices at your disposal, including several types of mortgage loans, rent-to-own agreements, and developer in-house finance.

This level of flexibility is not present in the other retirement visa conditions. Hence, you must choose to invest in property by taking advantage of the options available.

Advantages of buying a property in Dubai

The advantages of owning a property go far beyond qualifying for a Dubai 5-year retirement visa. It also provides you with a plethora of financial rewards and privileges. The following are a few of the most appealing features of purchasing a property:

Growing population

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing property in Dubai is that individuals from across the globe are migrating to the city in quest of a better job and business prospects. Dubai’s population is rapidly increasing. To accommodate this growing population, many new housing developments have already been constructed in Dubai, providing more investment options for clever investors seeking a larger return on their investments.


The emirate of Dubai is regarded as one of the safest locations to live in the world, making it an excellent choice for families. Apart from the latest technological solutions that can prevent crime, the emirate enforces the law very consistently. Overall, one of the many benefits of property investment in Dubai is the safe living environment.

No property tax

In Dubai, there is no property tax. This implies that once you’ve purchased a property and settled the registration cost to the Dubai Land Department, you won’t have to pay any more government taxes on it. This factor alone has a huge effect on the overall rental return of your Dubai home.

Rapid development

Dubai government’s inventive ideas show that purchasing real estate in Dubai could be the smartest choice you ever make. New road links, recreational centers, and shopping complexes are all expected to be built in the coming years with fast-paced development, enhancing the value of the property purchased.

Technological advancements

Those looking to buy a home in the UAE and make it their permanent residence stand to benefit greatly from the emirate’s progress toward becoming a smart city. The city is ideal for property owners because of its sophisticated facilities, enhanced public transportation, and new entertainment locations.


Dubai is one of the preferred destinations for migrants in the world. Many expats wish to remain in the city and enjoy the nice lifestyle it provides even after retirement.

If you want to reside in the UAE permanently, one of the most crucial things to plan for is a Dubai retirement visa. Buying a house is the best choice to fulfill the eligibility requirement as it comes with a slew of additional perks and flexible financing alternatives.

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