District 2020, attracting overseas investors in Dubai Real Estate Market just after Expo ended

Dubai real estate is projected to continue its golden run after Expo 2020, as foreign investors return to the market to take advantage of the emirate’s investment prospects.

The market, which drew 52,415 investors last year, saw 72,207 new deals with a total value of Dh 148 billion invested in the emirate’s different initiatives. It indicates a 100% increase in investment value, as well as increases of 65.6 percent and 73.7 percent in the number of investors and investments, respectively.

Overseas investors accounted for 38,318 of the total investors in 2021, or more than half of the total, with 51,544 investments worth Dh99 billion.

The emirate is preparing for the International Property Show (IPS) 2022, which will draw in more international investment. It will begin accepting investors from Spain, Serbia and Montenegro, Austria, the United States, Ecuador, Canada, and Mexico on March 24.

The transition of Expo 2020 into District 2020 is also predicted to stimulate the Dubai property market in 2022, in addition to the return of overseas investors. It is envisioned as a mixed-use community that will make use of 80% of Expo’s resources.

District 2020 will continue its legacy as a sustainable and human-centric future metropolis after the Expo ends in a few days. It will have a mix of commercial and retail space, as well as modern co-living, loft, and urban-style residential units. In October 2022, the handover is planned to take place.

Reason to Invest in Real Estate this 2022

  • Due to the surge of foreign investors, Dubai real estate is likely to continue to rise in 2022.
  • In 2021, foreign countries accounted for more than half of all investors.
  • To attract more foreign investment, the International Property Show 2022 will begin on March 24th.
  • Following the conclusion of Expo 2020, the transition to District 2020 is projected to be another driver driving the property market this year.

Source: Khaleej Times

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